Friday, April 24, 2009

To Pledge or Not to Pledge: That is the Question?

What makes you REAL or PAPER?!?!?!?!

Several of my friends are in greek organizations. I have friends who are Alphas, K's, Kappas, Omegas, Deltas & Sigmas.
The majority of them pledged and a few of them I still have questions about.

Let me state two things before I continue.

Just bcuz you took wood doesnt make you real and being a renegade is not cool or fun!

No I am not associated with any organiztion but I have seen my share of activities that take place in the greek realm.

Pledging, let me rephrase that, underground pledging, is not about taking wood, it is not about enduring physical pain: it is about LEARNING.
If this is an organization you want to be a part of KNOWING the foundation is significant. I can tell you how many people I see daily who call themselves members of orgz and can't recite their founders, can't define the symbols, they just don't know anything.
For those who have pledged you know that is the easy part... once you finish its about work!!!
You see the thing with simultaneous underground pledging and participating in the formal intake process there is always a small chance that you will not finish the formal intake process. Anything can happen, for the most part people finish both and move on, for some it is a case of finishing underground and not formal or vice versa. Some people also believe that not participating in the formal intake process is all right. NO IT IS NOT. Most people define that as a RENEGADE. Nothing is cool about going through all of that, learning all your inforamtion and not being able to wear letters and participate in service. If that is what you want, in my opinion you should have joined an auxiliary. Not that they aren't about service, some of them are but I have yet to see any.

Another reason for pledging is to give you an opportunity to bond with your LS's/LB's and prophytes. You get to learn about them as people. You get to grow with them in a journey with the final destination being whatever LAND you so chose. You spend a lot of time with you so they can teach you things you wouldn't otherwise know.

Being a tee-shirt wearer isn't cool either. Being financial is SUPER important but paying your dues and not participating in service serves what point? Why did you endure all of this, learn all this information!!!!! You pledge your life and then what?!?!?!!?!

Everybody wants to stroll, wear jackets and make calls... but you don't know nothing... SMH! Some of these people take soooooooooo much pride in not knowing anything!!! SMH there is something seriously wrong with that. If you can look someone in the face and flat out say you don't know your foundation...ridiculous. You travel around and misrepresent your organization, chapter, your line and yourself... call yourself a member and you can't run off your information, ridiculous. And some of these members of these orgs who question you will rip the clothes right of your back, if they feel disrespected. I've seen it happen.

As far as taking wood...
A few licks I can understand but the excessive beating, punching, slapping and all that physical stuff is ridiculous.
No One who you trust and respect should be putting their hands on you in an abusive manner. Taking Wood is one thing but you aren't finna whoop my ass for no good reason. And if you allow yourself to be subjected to that then you are a fool. The ones who subject themselves to it and become "RENEGADES' are even dumber.

All I have to say is when it comes to pledging or not pledging its your own decision. You have to earn respect to get it. Just remember this, you do not want to build a legacy on a broken foundation. People talk and you don't want your chapter to have a bad reputation about what they DO NOT do.

This entire thing makes me feel a certain type of way so feel free to comment. I welcome constructive criticisim.


  1. People have free will in this world. And they will alsways do what they want, regardless of the consequences. Why even waste your breath about this subject...

  2. You having friends that are greek is completely different from being greek yourself. Aside from what you're told or what you've heard, you don't know what either process is like unless you've been through it.
    Like Chicken Talk said, why even waste your breath on this subject