Thursday, June 4, 2009

Espero Que

Every night before iRest my head,
iThank god for all iHave been given.
But there are times iWonder and wish about things...

Sometimes I wished I wasn't here
Sometimes iWonder if I made the right desicions,
how would my life be different.

iPray often bcuz iNeed guidance
iPray bcuz ihave questions and iWant answers...
they never come when iWant them but they come.

iWish I had help
iWish I had guidance
iWish someone would stand over me and tell me
"This is what you need to do to get to where you desire to be"

iWant to see the future...
so iDont regret any desicions made.
i've lost a lot of love and life bcuz of ....

iFear failing.
iFear being alone
iFear death
iFear unhappines
like everybody else iFear the unknown :-(

iFeel like I'm in crazy compeition with the past (Drake)


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  1. about that job search ,
    send this to Apple .inc headquarters .
    they could show this on the loading screen to inspire mac/ipod/iphone users .